XAFU was born from the desire to combine electronic music and its trends with world music, especially with musical expressions from lusophone countries.

It was in Alfama, Lisbon’s historic district, that the passion for electronic and traditional music influenced the portuguese André Xina and brazilian Juninho Ibituruna to create XAFU, back in 2010.

After releasing in 2013 their debut Paredes do Horizonte EP, XAFU returns in 2016 with Além Mar EP, where they explore the world music and electronic genres by remixing artists such as Ravi Shankar, Jorge Ben Jor , Cesária Èvora and Cheny Wa Gune.

Além Mar (portuguese word for “overseas”) navigates to the four corners of the world with the colaboration of the portugueses Ricardo Passos and João Pires, the mozambican Cheny Wa Gune and the brazilian Thiakov Davidovich.

Their inumerous colaborations that includes musicians from Portugal, Brazil and from the portuguese-speaking countries, allows this project to share the artistic and musical heritage of the lusophone culture.